About Kayamping.net

Kayamping = Kayaking + Camping
A phrase dreamed up to capture the idea of weekend long kayaking trips with friends and family.

How It All Began

Kayamping.net started because of a coworkers presentation about his trip to Europe over Summer with his wife. He spent ten days cycling from the French border to Madrid, stopping in little towns along the way. The tales he told and experiences he had resonated with me. I too went to Europe, but he experienced Spain in a significantly more intimate way. He met local people, ate unique food, and saw the countryside like I never did. 

A wild kayak camper appears.. appears to be having a great time on the water!

I wanted that.
The way to get those experiences was for me to also choose a slower pace of travel. A more deliberate, labor intensive movement located in nature. Kayaking was the conclusion and camping was a means to keep me out there longer. 
The website itself blossomed a bit later. The conventional 9-5 job is never going to get me where I want to be so I needed to branch out on my own. The thought was to create an internet business focused on a hobby. That is why kayamping.net exists today.
About the Author
Hi Everyone! My name is Tanner, and I am the founder of kayamping.net. I started this website as an outlet to pursue my hobby of kayaking, camping, and exploring the world at large. Every post here is written and curated by me so stop-in, have a read, leave a comment, and most importantly, get going on your next adventure!
Why Kayak Camping of all Type of Camping?
Kayak camping is the ultimate form of camping in our opinion. It offers advantages like swimming breaks from the heat, carrying all your gear with minimal effort, and the ability to experience new places at every bend in the river. For these reasons and more, we felt this was the best way to explore nature in its truest form.