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PowerPole Blade

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PowerPole Pro II

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Power Poles have taken the fishing and boating world by storm for good reason. They are completely automated, quiet, and provide a better hold than traditional anchors. For these reasons, you rarely see a professional fisherman's boat without them.

To meet the demands of fishing in varying environments with differing boats, Power Pole created multiple anchor lines to support their customers. The Power Pole Blade and Power Pole Pro Series II are amongst their most popular models. Read along to see the key differences between them and which is better.

30 Second Summary: Power Pole - Blade vs Pro Series

The Power Pole Blade is Power Pole's premium shallow water anchor with the Power Pole Pro Series II being the intermediate anchor and the Sportsman II being the entry model. As a result, the Blade offers the quickest deployment, best designed mounting bracket, longest depth options, and the most colors.

The Power Pole Blade is the best hydraulic shallow water anchor on the market.

However, the budget-conscience boater might prefer the Pro Series II. It offers all the functionality of the Blade, but with fewer color options, 0.5 second slower deployment, and shorter depth options.

Blade Series is the best power pole


Power Pole Pro II

Power Pole Blade
Power Pole Pro II
Overall Score
Superior bracket design, faster deployment, more colors, longer lengths Key Difference More Budget friendly, smaller & lighter for smaller boats
0 to 8 ft - 4.025 sec Speed 0 to 8 ft - 4.58 sec
8 or 10 ft Lengths 8, 6, 4 ft
4 colors (Blue, Red, Black, White) Colors 2 colors (Black, White)
31.7 lbs. Total Weight 26.3 lbs.
2-year warranty - electrical & hydraulics
5-year warranty - mechanical parts
Lifetime warranty - Everflex spike
2-year warranty - electrical & hydraulics
5-year warranty - mechanical parts
Lifetime warranty - Everflex spike

Blade vs Pro Series: Feature by Feature

The table above does the best job of explaining the key differences of the Blade vs the Pro Series II. Below we cover those same differences but in more detail.

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Deployment Speed

Deployment speed refers to the length of time the anchors take to travel from their upright, out-of-water position to their max extension into the ground. This is one of the most important factors in a shallow water anchor for fisherman. Each second is another chance for the fish to swim away or for you to miss parking your boat in the perfect spot.

The Blade is quicker and quieter than the Pro Series II thanks to a new technology Power Pole coined the Soft Close System. This system features a special cylinder design to easy the movement of the arm, which prevents vibration and noise.


Both Power Poles are constructed primarily of high-grade, rust-resistant aluminum, which affords them durability and lightweight in comparison to other materials. Both anchors are designed to resist heavy use in saltwater conditions so freshwater fisher will find very few problems.

Power Pole Blade Mounting bracket

As the premium anchor, the Blade features a newly designed mounting bracket. The new brackets makes the Blade easier to mount and gives it a firmer grip. Not to say the Pro Series II will ever fall off the boat, the Blade just makes it easier to install the anchor firmly. It also integrates the hydraulic feeder hose, which offers slightly more protection to the hose and creates cleaner lines for the unit.


The Warranty is an industry best for shallow water anchors. Power Pole stands behind their products and offers excellent warranties and supreme customer service compared to other companies.

Both products have the electronics guaranteed for 2 years, mechanical pieces for 5 years, and a lifetime warranty on the spike.

Most people consider boats to be a money sink, but with a warranty like this makes this one of the safest investments on the boat.

Lengths and Aesthetics

Length is a major differentiator between the Pro Series and the Blade. The Blade comes in 10 & 8 ft compared to the Pro II that offers 8, 6, 4 ft lengths.

Power Pole Blade deployment in 6 ft of ocean water

In Kayamping.net's opinion, there is really no reason to get a shallow water anchor shorter than 8 ft. For the price differences between the various sizes of anchor, you will thank yourself for the extra flexibility you gain from longer poles.


Any one who has purchased a shallow water anchor, can never fish without one again. The convenience is really unmatched. Automated shallow water anchors are one of the biggest innovations in boating in quite a number of years.

Again, I reiterate you should not get a shallow water anchor less than 8 ft. You will save money with shorter anchors, but the few hundred dollars of savings is simply not worth the annoyance of always being too deep.