Power Pole Sportsman II vs Pro II

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Power Pole Sportsman II

Soft Close Technology

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Power Pole Pro Series II

Ultralight Anchor

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Shallow water anchors are here and here to stay. As more competitors enter the landscape, Power Pole most create new variations to meet customer demand.

The Sportsman II and Pro II are the only two Power Poles to receive second editions. Representing the entry level option in the Sportsman and the intermediate step in the Pro II, Power Pole caters to all wallet sizes.

30 Sec. Summary: Power Pole - Sportsman II vs Pro Series II

The Power Pole Sportsman is the entry level model into the shallow water anchor world. It represents the most budget friendly option but still offers a respectable 8 ft. deployment depth. The Sportsman II is best for casual fisherman or leisure boaters.

When compared to the Pro Series II, the Sportsman is about 20% slower in deployment and has fewer color options. The Pro Series has a more efficient hydraulic system that allows it to simply move more quickly without adding any noise. The Pro Series is better for saltwater and more turbulent bodies of water.

Sportsman II is the entry level shallow water anchor


Power Pole Pro II

Power Pole Sportsman II
Power Pole Pro II
Overall Score
Entry level model, slowest deployment speed, 1 color only Key Difference More Budget friendly, smaller & lighter for smaller boats
0 to 8 ft - 5.58 sec Speed 0 to 8 ft - 4.58 sec
8 ft Lengths 8, 6, 4 ft
1 color (Black) Colors 2 colors (Black, White)
28.7 lbs. Total Weight 26.3 lbs.
2-year warranty - electrical & hydraulics
5-year warranty - mechanical parts
Lifetime warranty - Everflex spike
2-year warranty - electrical & hydraulics
5-year warranty - mechanical parts
Lifetime warranty - Everflex spike

Power Pole Sportsman vs Pro: Feature by Feature

The table above does the best job of explaining the key differences of the Sportsman II vs the Pro Series II. Below we cover those same differences but in more detail.

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Deployment Speed

Deployment speed refers to the length of time the anchors take to travel from their upright, out-of-water position to their max extension into the ground.

The Sportsman II has a slower deployment speed of about 1 second compared to the Pro II. Leisure boaters probably won't care for the extra second of waiting, but this could make a difference for fisherman.

The quickest deployment speed in the Power Pole family is the Blade. It is roughly 1.5 seconds faster than the Sportsman II with no additional noise thanks to a new innovation called Soft Close Technology.


The two Power Poles are almost identical in construction. Both feature a single piece cast aluminum bracket (pictured below), aircraft grade aluminum hull, 5 layers of painting coating, and a silicon spike. Power poles are known for their longevity and the company is regarded for their customer service.

Power Pole Sportsman II Mounting bracket picture

There is not much in terms of construction to differentiate to the two anchors. The look of the anchor is slightly different is all.

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The Warranty is an industry best for shallow water anchors. Power Pole stands behind their products and offers excellent warranties and supreme customer service compared to other companies.

Both products have the electronics guaranteed for 2 years, mechanical pieces for 5 years, and a lifetime warranty on the spike.

Most people consider boats to be a money sink, but with a warranty like this makes this one of the safest investments on the boat.

Lengths and Aesthetics

When we refer to the length of an anchor, we are measuring the length of the spike which is the same as the depth of water the anchor will work in. For example, the 8 ft. Sportsman will touch the bottom at a water depth of 8 ft. Pretty easy right.

However, this does not guarantee a firm grip at that depth. Muddy lake bottom will require more penetration for a hold than firmer off shore sand.

Power Pole Sportsman II deployment in 8 ft of ocean water

In Kayamping.net's opinion, there is really no reason to get a shallow water anchor shorter than 8 ft. For the price differences between the various sizes of anchor, you will thank yourself for the extra flexibility you gain from longer poles.


Shallow water anchors should be viewed as an investment in the boat itself because it is basically the parking brake for the vessel. It is part of the core functionality of a boat.

That said, these anchors are a luxuary item albeit a necessary one in our opinion. Throwing dirty, wet chains into the water is just a thing of the past.

The Sportsman II is a bit cheaper than the Pro II primarily because of the way it looks and its 1 second slower deployment speed. Apart from that, it offers tremendous value when compared to not have a shallow water anchor at all.