Thule DockGlide vs DockGrip

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Thule DockGlide

Easy Load, Kayaks Only

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Thule DockGrip

Secure Hold for Kayaks or SUPs

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Deciding whether to get a Thule DockGlide or a DockGrip can be tricky. Getting the right one depends on what you intend to carry. While they can both carry a variety of watersport crafts, they each have a few distinguishing functions and features.

Anyone who plans on strapping a paddleboard to the roof of their vehicle will need to get the Thule Dockgrip. Otherwise, know that the Thule DockGlide can handle everything else. Both are close in price, which can help make the decision a little less difficult.

30 Second Summary: Thule DockGlide vs DockGrip

Of course, you need to keep in mind what is going to work best with your vehicle's roof rails. Most OEM crossbars (such as the ones you can put on a Toyota RAV4) can handle the DockGrip or the DockGlide. Putting them on is hassle-free for the most part too, and the instructions for installation are easy to follow.

The Thule DockGlide and DockGrip can both hold a number of different watercraft items, ranging from kayaks to canoes. Both products have a lot of helpful features, including no load assist, mounting hardware and tie-downs that are included, felt-lined rear saddles, and elliptical bars.

All of this leads to a great amount of stability while you are toting your watercraft from one location to another. These products can be used with most roof rails, including those manufactured as after-market OEMs. The only significant difference is that the DockGrip can hold a paddleboard while the DockGlide cannot.

The DockGlide is a good kayak carrier


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Thule DockGlide
Thule DockGrip
Overall Score
Only Kayaks Compatible Products Stand-Up Paddle Board, Kayaks
75 lbs. Weight Capacity 85 lbs.
Easy Loading Difficulty Medium
Tie downs & Straps Accessories Included Tie downs & Straps
Aeroblade, Squarebar, and most factory racks Crossbar Compatibility Aeroblade, Squarebar, and most factory racks

Thule DockGlide vs DockGrip: Feature by Feature

Bottom Line: Get the DockGrip if you need to haul a paddleboard. If you are toting a kayak, either product will work just about the same and is similar in cost.

The DockGlide just is not built to handle a paddleboard. That is why the DockGrip is available to buy. It can handle everything else that the DockGlide can and is not going to cost you an excessive amount of money to buy. Since paddleboards are becoming so popular, you might just want to invest in the DockGlide if you're even remotely considering getting a paddleboard.

Padded Saddles

Both the DockGlide and DockGrip come with padded front saddles, which makes loading kayaks safe and secure. The padding will conform to the shape of the kayak, locking it into place and providing a soft enough protective cushioning.

That way, your kayak will not get scratched or dented while stationed on top of your vehicle's roof rails.

The padded saddles on the DockGrip are built to also conform to the shape of a paddleboard, like we have already mentioned. These padded saddles really give a paddleboard an extra layer of protection and stability that you cannot get from the DockGlide.

Lightweight Design

Both products are designed for easy installation and removal when needed. That means you get the benefit of a lightweight design.

The plastic material used is hard and durable. The DockGlide weighs about 6.8 pounds, as does the DockGrip. The DockGrip's overall dimensions are 8 x 4 x 8 in, and the DockGlide's are slightly smaller.

The DockGrip has a maximum load capacity of 85 lbs while the DockGlide can handle up to 75 pounds.

Fits Most Thule Rack Systems

Both the DockGlide and DockGrip fit most Thule rack systems. They also fit many Thule round bars are factory designed racks. The DockGrip comes with easy-to-use Flip Fit brackets and T-Track brackets.

The DockGlide has a T-Track attachment that will fit the Thule WingBar, ProBar, and SlideBar. Of course, the Flip Fit brackets give the DockGrip the edge here since they provide more versatility.

Either way, you will find a lot of universality and utility from the DockGlide and the DockGrip.

Thule knows how to make high-quality parts to fit your watercraft on top of your vehicle. The DockGrip truly shines as it has the added capability of securely hauling a paddleboard or a kayak, whereas the DockGlide can only haul a kayak.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, the DockGrip is the way to go when you need to safely mount a paddleboard or a kayak. It can be quickly added to almost any roof rack and is absolutely compatible with Thule's racks.

You will pay about the same price for either product but get a little more bang for your buck from the DockGrip.

Get the right gear for hauling your paddleboard or kayak. Invest in the DockGrip so that you can safely tote your watercraft to the beach and back home again.